Railinc's Customer Success Center (CSC) can be a launching pad for careers at the company.

About 22 percent of our employees started in CSC and have moved on to positions like product development manager, business analyst, software developer and solutions engineer. Others lead specialized product support teams and oversee the transfer of billions of dollars annually among railroads.

You can meet some of them here.

Railinc employees can work with their managers and others to do a deep dive into their current responsibilities and identify opportunities for lateral moves and promotions that can get them where they want to go. They also work with their managers to create a personalized development plan to guide them along their path.

So what could a Railinc career path look like for someone just starting on our CSC team?

The graphic below shows potential paths for a new CSC team member and lists some of the product support, business analyst and information technology positions available. Paths can be different, and employees do not have to move through all three product support roles to become a business analyst.

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Railinc Career Paths